6 Week training of PHP

‘Open Source Programming’ (where the source function can be changed according to the need-of-the-hour) is the hot favorite solution for the dynamic needs of the e-business worldwide. With increasing trend of Open Source Technology, PHP now a days become so much popular within a very short span.

If you are seeking yourself become an expert PHP developer then Six Vision Technologies is right place that will help you to achieve your goal. In Six Vision Technologies we teach students the PHP language and MYSQL to develop powerful PHP and Database driven sites or PHP based Web Applications. We have project based on PHP, My SQL, Word Press, Xml, Java script and many more technology.

We are providing live projects to all the students who have a basic knowledge on PHP. So if you want make a career in open source technology then this is the right place for you. This level will provide students with the practical experience, an active participation with live international projects under the supervision of the industry experts alongside the company’s working professionals.

Developers can more effectively guide the students for project development rather than the project trainers. In this live project training PHP the students are made to work closely with the PHP developers apart from the project trainers. The developers will have a better idea of the techniques for efficient and easy development which they would have learnt from the practical experience while working on actual PHP development projects from clients and hence can teach the same to the trainees who will get to learn so many things from them while working with them on real-time project.

Web Technologies

  • HTML Basic Tags
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • CSS(Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Inline Style Sheets
  • Internal & External Sheets


  • Variables and Operators
  • Functions & Control Statements
  • Date Time Functions
  • String Functions & Arrays
  • Form Validations

Core PHP

  • Web Server Configuration
  • Functions & Arrays
  • String Handling
  • Sessions & Forms
  • GET & POST data
  • Cookies & HTTP Headers
  • Files Handling


  • MYSQL basics
  • Database design concepts
  • Communicating with mysql
  • CSS(Cascading Style Sheets)
  • DML & DDL
  • Database Connectivity


  • Installing CMS
  • Creating Site in WordPress
  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Using Plugins
  • Deploying Web Site
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