Punjabi Typing in Patiala

For Punjab Government jobs, Punjabi typing is must required. So Brain Light Computer center Provide best Punjabi typing training with Punjabi Typing Master.

Why Us?

We Provide Punjabi Typing Training in asses font with Punjabi Typing master. Here is the question why software when we can use notepad or word-pad. Because using of software you can learn very fast.

What is Punjabi typing master?

Punjabi Typing Master is a software which is very easily to operate and it have very good features like.
it shows the hand position and sign on key which will be press.

punjabi typing in patiala
The interesting fact is this that you can play word game on it so you can learn with fun and gaming.

punjabi typing training in patiala
Another awesome feature of Punjabi typing master is that this have a practice pad so you can practice the words.

punjabi typing test example
and the another interesting feature in this software that you can try your speed with live test . You can check your Punjabi typing speed and score.

best punjabi typing in patiala


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